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Article in Horizon Luchtvaartblad from Belgium

The July 2024 issue of Horizon Luchtvaartblad from Belgium features GOGETAIR 750 written by Guido Bouckaert. The magazine, with very fine articles about aviation, is produced by a team of seven experts, including three GA pilots, a space specialist, an illustrator, a published author-editor, and an expert on air travel.


Thank you, Guido, always a pleasure! Here is a short translation of the original article, please follow Horizon Luchtvaartblad for more articles about aviation:

At the AERO this spring, two reporters from Horizon renewed their friendship with Iztok Šalomon, an aviation genius from Slovenia. The visit we made on October 10, 2014, to the sports aircraft named ONE, designed and built by Iztok, left a very favorable impression of how well this ULM flew, much like many sports aircraft from the former CIS (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic).


Over the past ten years, the company One, which moved from Celje/LJCL to Loce/LJSK, has grown from a few employees to a dozen. The company is run by Ania & Iztok Šalomon (sales/design).


The first ONE flew in 2011. In 2014, a joint venture was formed between the companies C2P d.o.o. and Kops Pro d.o.o. In 2019, the name One Aircraft was changed to Gogetair Aviation.


Since 2020, the factory has been located at the airfield in Loce/JSK, near Ljubljana. Now, the One flies as the Gogetair G750.


For the time being, the Gogetairs fly as “experimental” under the supervision of the Slovenian Civil Aviation Authority, pending certification in 2026 in the EASA CS-23 class.


A new Gogetair G750 is listed in the brochure for €234,900. For this price, you get a two-axis autopilot, a Galaxy ballistic parachute, and a Rotax 912iS engine of 100 hp (73 kW). You can opt for a Rotax 914UL of 115 hp / 84 kW (+ €22,900) or a Rotax 915iS of 141 hp / 103 kW (+ €34,900.00).


The cockpit is equipped with Dynon. All options are open to enhance the digital cockpit, for example, with the Garmin G3X (+ €64,900).


The Gogetair G750 with the Rotax 912iS engine has a fuel capacity of 138 liters and can stay in the air for nine hours and fly 1,000 NM. The maximum cruising speed of the G750 is set at 138 kt; empty weight is 400 kg, and maximum takeoff weight is 750 kg.


The Gogetair G750 is made of composite, with the cabin reinforced with Kevlar. The wings and tail are from the Slovak Shark Aero, adapted for the G750, and are also produced by Shark Aero. Standard, the G750 is a two-seater aircraft. Optionally, two extra seats can be installed in the back, intended for small children up to a maximum of 35 kg each. Behind the seats, you can store 17.5 kg of luggage, accessible from outside the fuselage.


At the moment, there are twelve aircraft ready to fly. About twenty-five “experimental” aircraft should be ready for the targeted EASA CS-23 certification.

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