The picture above, Klemen Špes, GOGETAIR Production Manager receiving the production certificate from the hands of CAA, Boštjan Palčič. 

Today 8.11.2022, GOGETAIR has been approved as production organization 

In 2022 we took the necessary and logical step to certify our aircraft production with the Slovenian CAA. The process is demanding on all levels, but in less than one year, we proved to the Slovenian CAA that we have proper procedures and know how to follow and document them. This certificate enables us to produce factory build experimental aircraft. The production process has implemented quality control procedures, and traceability and gives you our customer assurance, that aircraft is made with the highest possible standards for this category of aircraft, and permit to fly issued for the aircraft will enable you to fly in the vast majority of EU countries.
Producers of ultralight aircraft are not required to have this level of certification or quality control. GOGETAIR is heading toward certification of the G750 model with EASA and wants to implement all necessary procedures before actual certification and with this fulfilling the mission to produce the safest aircraft possible in this category.

Left to right: Iztok Šalamon, accountable manager, Klemen Špes, Production Manager, Borut Mernik Quality Manager 

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