Bernard is our distributor for Switzerland and the youngest owner of Gogetair Aircraft. He has received his aircraft from the hands of Ania our head of sales.

See Bernard’s reaction after finding keys to his new aircraft.

Bernard has received full flight training and is G750T rated


The Gogetair G750T – an airplane featuring ultra-modern technology, clever interior amenities, and a visually attractive design

When I saw the Gogetair G750T for the first time, I was instantly amazed by its mere appearance. It was a look I found immediately compelling and the design was a feast for my eyes. Of course, I didn’t stop at merely admiring its appearance, so I thoroughly inspected the exterior and interior of the Gogetair G750T.

Fascinated by the high quality, safety and user-friendliness of the Gogetair G750T

I did not wait around. Full of anticipatory excitement, I climbed into the plane and I must say – it exceeded all of my expectations. The intelligently laid-out interior that makes use of every centimeter in an extremely compact space was just as convincing as the premium quality of the materials. Obviously, this also applies to the ultra-modern, very cool glass cockpit with state-of-the-art instruments that are arranged in an easy-to-manage layout.

I’m finally taking off in my own plane: ready for travel all over Europe

Ever since I acquired the plane and have been a proud Gogetair G750T owner, I have spent about 50 hours in the air and I can attest to this: The plane exceeds my expectations and I am elated to have it. Moreover, the excellent structure and the easy-to-operate options in the glass cockpit paired with the autopilot give me a great sense of safety. Navigation, performance, and instruments – everything works smoothly, harmoniously, and is perfectly aligned. I now have a zest for action and look forward to all of my planned trips across Europe – in my own plane.