The quest for perfection


The aircraft design process balances many competing and demanding requirements to produce an aircraft that is strong, lightweight, economical, and can carry an adequate payload while being sufficiently reliable to safely fly for the design life of the aircraft. The technique is highly iterative, involving high-level configuration tradeoffs, a mixture of analysis and testing, and the detailed examination of the adequacy of every part of the structure. 

The result of this quest for perfection is G750. Designed to be the ultimate safe, affordable, attractive, and top-performing sport-family aircraft with an option for 2+2 seating configuration and MTOW 750 kg in the Experimental category.

1 +2
1 HP
1 ktas
1 ft
1 nm
1 KG

INTELIGENCE & automation

YOU ARE Safe in every situation

Featuring Dynon Skyview or Garmin G3X touch and Autopilot GOGETAIR will lever or return to home from every situation you might encounter in the air. 
LEVEL button, to level the aircraft from any bank or pitch and 
HOME button to fly to your home airport from any position.


Haptic and
Comfortable Cabin

With its adjustable ergonomic cushioned seats and adjustable pedals and with all buttons and levers at just the right position, pilots of every height can find a comfortable seating position for long routes.

Ergonomy and comfort

Your hand will find the throttle control where you expect it to be thus giving your freedom to effortlessly adjust power for the required flight phase.

System Safety

ANDAIR fuel selector with dual return line and fuel tank change warning will give you peace of mind on longer flights.

Adjustable seats
Adjustable pedals
Haptic controls
Logical switches

Interior gallery

Exterior Features

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AVEO wingtip lights

for great visibility in poor weather condition and in low light operation


for quiet operation and high performance

Rotax 914 Turbo

engine designed for speed safety and performance

(AOA) Angle of attack pitot tube

for stall warning (heated pitot tube is optional)

Beringer or Goldfren

aluminum wheels and brakes designed for heavy braking and reliable operation


wheel pants for efficient aircraft operation and increased performance

UV and bird strike

protective windshield protects the interior and prevents the high temperature in the cockpit

Aerodynamic and constructional

fuselage reinforcement in back fuselage area for sleek design and high aerodynamic efficiency  

Lamborghini style doors

GGA is the only aircraft in the category that features large forward and up doors for easy entry. Pilot and passengers are protected with a formula one like a full carbon roll cage with kevlar protection.


Aerodynamic and constructional fuselage reinforcement in back fuselage area for sleek design and high aerodynamic efficiency 
Kevlar cabin interior
airframe parachute
“single-spar” design
Built to certified aircraft standards.

Safety first

Every GGA aircraft is equipped with BRS Whole Aircraft Rescue Parachute System

Intuitive and informative panel

Switch panel

with a simple and logical left to right ON and right to left OFF and integrated caution and warning lights. On the left side featuring aircraft emergency operations.

Control Stick

with an integrated roll and pitch trip, AP on and OFF button and PTT gives pilot full hands ON approach

Dynon Skyview

PFD with integrated Autopilot in basic equipment (G750)


function improves pilot decisionmaking and provides all necessary flight and engine data for a safe and relaxing flight.

Adjustable pedals

for perfect seating position and full aircraft control

Dynon AP control

with dedicated panel eases AP operation with its advanced NAV, HDG, VNAV, IAS, LEVEL 

BRS parachute handle

integrated into central panel allowing the pilot to pull the shoot and preventing accidental passenger activation  

Prop flap controller

with automatic prop setting according to flap possition

Big drawer

for storage of maps, electronics, etc. 


12V Charging station

for telephones iPads and other electronic devices


Our passionate team who have designed GOGETAIR aircraft, wanted it to be fitted with the best possible components and technology available to the aircraft in its class. Bellow, find the most known and appreciated producers of parts and avionic, that is installed on GOGETAIR aircraft.


The turbo charged aircraft engine Rotax 914 series offers more performance at high altitudes while delivering lower weight engines. This series offers a time between overhauls of 2,000 hrs and delvers reliable operation


four-cylinder, horizontally opposed aircraft engine


for high altitude operations


and air/water-cooled cylinder heads.


dual capacitor discharge ignition


wastegate controller & choke operation


or 15 years whatever comes first


GOGETAIR aircraft can stay in the air for a total of up to 9 hours, the aircraft is equipped with adjustable rudder pedals as well as adjustable seats and 3 different foam density of seat cushioning for maximum comfort. All this gives to any pilot between 163 and 202cm in height the feeling of home comfort.

The plane also offers a lot of room for the front fellow passenger. The back seat can be used as baggage space or you can also take 2 children up to 25 kg each and not more than 150cm in height. In case the plane is to carry four people, some of the baggage can still be stored in the small baggage space behind the back seats.

GOGETAIR is not only a fast but also an economical plane. The Rotax 914 turbo engine enables take-off in less than 200 meters and a climb rate of up to 1500 ft/min. At the optimum flight speed, i.e. 125 KTAS, it will use only about 16 liters of fuel an hour. In the best conditions, a full tank (of useful 135 liters) will keep you airborne for 9+ hours and make for a potential range of over 1,100 nautical miles or 2,000 km. Due to its huge flaps aircraft is easily operated on 450m runway.

You can find more detailed information about the dimensions and the capabilities of GOGETAIR aircraft in the table below. 

Technical data:   Specifications   
Maximum Gross Weight1653 lbs750 kgManufacturerRotaxRotaxRotax
Standard Base Weight (Rotax 912iS)882 lbs400 kgModel912iS914UL915iS
Standard Base Weight (Rotax 914UL)915 lbs415 kgHorsepower100HP115 HP141HP
Standard Base Weight (Rotax 915iS)965 lbs438 kg
Usable Fuel Capacity36,5gal138 lTakeoff240 m150 m120 m
Takeoff Over 50 ft Object385 m225 m175 m
Dimensions:Climb Rate650 ft/min1050 ft/min1450 ft/min
Length23.4 ft7,13 mMax Operating Altitude14.760 ft14.760 ft14.760 ft
Height6.9 ft2,1 mStall Speed in Lan with Flaps38 KIAS38 KIAS38 KIAS
Wingspan31.8 ft9,69 mVne152 KIAS152 KIAS152 KIAS
Cabin Length88.6 in225 cmOptimal Cruise speed (65%)114 KIAS121 KIAS138 KIAS
Cabin Width (inside)47.6 in121 cmMax Cruise Speed138 KIAS138 KIAS138 KIAS
Cabin Height46 in117 cmLanding Ground Roll130 m 140 m160 m
Aerodynamic mean chord (MAC)48 in121 cmCruise Range with Reserve (65% PWR)1050nm900nm950nm
Wing area130 sq feet12m2Endurance9h6,5h7,2h


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